We receive a request from nonlife insurers and investigate insurance value and the toll.
I may be really the assessment with a document and the photograph when I proceed to the spot and investigate it. I greatly distribute it and become following three.


 Damage Appraisal

Investigate the scope of the damage, calculate the amount of damages.

What damage appraisal Involved in a variety of property, it refers to the appraisal business about the accident, which is secured by insurance
In response to the request from each nonlife insurer, I say that I perform spot investigation and calculate insurance value and the tolls such as a building, household effects, a machine, household articles, a product, the product.
There is big significance in what the third party which is not a policyholder judges in the insurance company.
In addition, in this of a compensation responsibility accident and the possessions insurance greatly distribute it, and there are two kinds.


 Evaluation appraisal

I calculate insurance value becoming basic to calculate the insurance

Apartment,Fab,building,hotel,other shopping mall,medical facility and building oil plant as cross the evaluation of a wide range of insurance value throughout the country, it will be evaluated.
In addition, by carrying out such an evaluation when actually accident occurs afflicted, also present advantages such as perform the calculation of the rapid damage.


 Widearea natural disaster appraisal

Typhoon, tornado, flood, disaster such as an earthquake.

Typhoon that has occurred every year all over the country, water damage, and business trip investigation went a large-scale disaster such as an earthquake in the local.In essence, it becomes the same contents as damage appraisal business.
I proceed to the area where there was the damage and, for a different point, cross it for a long term and am a point wrestling about a single accident. I may pass for long terms more than one year.